African Experience Room

Visitors begin their journey through Engage History Hall in Africa, and particularly West Africa, the center of Diaspora that affected millions of African people from the late 1400s until 1800s.

Three large annotated murals explore the stories about the geography, natural history, cultures, and people of the African continent.

The murals are eye catching. The first one is a traditional African village where people are going about their daily lives. Small labels explain and describe the houses, tools, and activities we see. In the second mural we see plants and animals from all over the African continent. Visitors learn about where the animals live and which ones are threatened by development, wars, poaching, and climate change. Visitors can read or listen to African folk stories about the animals on our iPad®. The third mural is a map of West Africa. Here visitors learn about the important crops that originated in Africa and that we now eat here in South Carolina and throughout the United States.

On the back wall of the space is a six-monitor video presentation. Visitors will see images of people shackled together, read the words of slave traders and hear the captives' stories of despair. As the presentation ends, they pass through a doorway— The Door of No Return